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KANDE International Ltd offers expertise related to the development, assessment and application of advanced non-destructive testing methods for pressure systems and engineering components, particularly for ultrasonic (UT) and radiographic (RT) inspection techniques.

KANDE International is run by a highly qualified team of physical scientists and engineers, with many years experience in the development and delivery of technological solutions to inspection problems in safety critical applications, including nuclear power generation and oil and gas production.

We have world class experience in a range of NDE products and services including:

  • Software, including bespoke NDE Software, USbox and InSight  RT and UT packages

KANDE has lead several Group Sponsored Technical Studies in recent years, mainly in Radiographic Inspection.  These studies have made extensive use of the KANDE Bar Radiographic Phantom.

A range of standard and bespoke Products and Services are available.  Please Contact Us for further details, or if you have any other related requirement.