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In the past few years KANDE has lead international group-sponsored studies to investigate the performance of high energy portable X-ray generators and to determine the capability of a range of current DR and CR imaging systems for applications in the power generation and oil and gas industries.

Such studies are a highly cost-effective way for participants to gain access to up-to-date information on equipment and technique performance and to network with other users with similar interests and concerns.

The scientific research and development backgrounds of our personnel makes KANDE ideally suited to organizing and conducting such trials and our broad range of contacts across a range of industries and countries makes it possible for us to offer participants both good value and excellent networking opportunities.

Recent studies:

"Practical Assessment of Portable High Energy X-ray Machines for Industrial NDE Applications"

This used a range of X-ray generators from 2MeV betatron through to 6MeV Linac, and the KANDE Bar phantom to determine the performance achievable in steel from 25mm to 200mm thick.

A paper based on this work was presented at the ICNDE conference in 2009: 

Practical Assessment of Portable High Energy Xray Equipment. Kietzman EK, Atkinson I, Queen H, LeBrun A, Salin J, Nyholt J. Proc. 7th ICNDE, Yokohama, May 2009

"Practical Assessment of Selected Digital Radiographic Imaging Systems" 

This studied the performance of a number of current DR and CR imaging systems with a wide range of X-ray and gamma sources over a thickness range of 5mm to 200mm in steel.

A paper based on this work was presented at the Digital imaging XIII conference in 2010:

Joint industry study into the performance of digital radiography for in-service inspection applications. Kietzman EK, Nyholt, J, Hall JF, Queen H and Salin J. Digital Imaging XIII. Foxwoods, Mashantucket CT, 19-21 July 2010.

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Forthcoming studies: 

KANDE is currently planning its next Group Sponsored Study.  Please visit again, or contact us to discuss any ideas, or any specific requirements you may have.