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KANDE Bar is a range  of radiographic phantoms designed and built by KANDE International Ltd for assessing the performance of radiographic systems.

KANDE Bar assembly

An example assembly of the original KANDE Bar is shown on the right.  It is of modular construction and consists of a number of metal bars, typically 150mm long, containing artificial flaws, bolted together in the desired configuration.

The standard model contains narrow slots of a given width (usually 40Ám, 70Ám or 100 Ám) and a range of depths and tilts.  In a typical assembly, a number of these bars are bolted together with spacer bars in between.


The most recent adaptation of this technology, the KANDE Pipe, further develops this design into annular form, enabling its use to more accurately represent a variety of flaws in pipe walls. 

In this model, flaws are supplied as individual items that are inserted into the KANDE Pipe as required.

In addition to the slots, volumetric targets such as side-drilled and flat-bottom holes can also be supplied and we can even integrate coupons of material containing field-removed flaws into bars.


The modular design of the KANDE Bar phantoms makes it simple and relatively inexpensive to change the target population and the compact size makes it possible to collect a large amount of performance data in a single radiograph.

KANDE Pipe segments

We have used a KANDE Bar assembly in studies that we have conducted into the performance of high-energy RT systems and in performance demonstrations of RT inspection procedures for the detection of PWSCC flaws in Inconel nozzles.

KANDE Bar application

The KANDE Bar is not intended to be a replacement of current types of IQI, but it is envisaged that it will be especially useful for providing confirmation that the capability achieved in performance demonstration is also achieved during inspection, in the same way that representative calibration blocks are often used in UT inspection.

KANDE holds some models of KANDE Bar and KANDE Pipe in stock, which may be available for hire.  More details are available here.  Please contact KANDE International for hire rates and to check current avaiability.

wide range of sizes and wall thicknesses, together with a suitable range of flaws, can be manufactured according to customer requirements.  Please contact KANDE International to find out more technical details on the range of radiographic phantoms, or for pricing and availiability.