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Time-of-Flight  Diffraction (TOFD) is now a widely used UT technique capable of both cost-effective flaw detection and high accuracy flaw sizing.  In recent years, its recognition in codes and standards, the ready availability of modestly priced TOFD capable instrumentation and access to  training courses and certification schemes has lead to many inspection service companies routinely offering TOFD inspection to thier clients. However, while TOFD is at heart a simple and easy to understand technique, in common with many other powerful techniques, there are nuances and subtleties in its operation that need to be understood and taken into consideration if optimum performance is to be achieved.

KANDE personnel have many years experience of TOFD having worked with it since its original development and commercialisation by by UKAEA in the 1980s.  In particular, we have world-class experience of the design, qualification and  application of TOFD inspections in the nuclear power industry, including applications such as CRDM nozzle inspection and nozzle inner radius inspection. This experience has guided the development of our InSight software tool and of our USBox instrument which offers a highly sophisticated TOFD inspection tool at an entry-level price. In addition we can provide consultancy and training on all aspects of TOFD inspection design and TOFD data analysis, including 'non-standard' applications such as data reconstruction in complex geometries and variable separation scanning.

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