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InSight is a Windows based suite of analysis tools which allow users to display and analyze digital NDE data  stored in a wide range of commonly used data  formats including DICOM/DICONDE.

InSight is available in UT and RT versions and contains a broad range of signal processing tools and display options not found in standard inspection systems.

InSight is aimed primarily at plant owners with long-term records management needs and allows them to access and review NDE data from their plant regardless of how the data was originlly recorded.

In records management applications InSight can be linked to a user searchable database of inspection data and metadata. This facility allows users to store their data in a easily auditable form and then rapidly access it through InSight.

For inspections in complex geometries, the standard InSight applications can be linked to our advanced geometry presentation tool - PEGASUS

Further details of this product can be obtained on request.