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Although NDE inspection software has become increasingly sophisticated and powerful over recent years, it is not unusual to find that the capabilities of the standard products from the big suppliers do not exactly match your particular inspection needs. Furthermore, unless your custom is very important to them, the large suppliers are unlikely to be willing to provide bespoke development of their software products to meet  your requirements.

KANDE however, has extensive experience in the development of software for specialist NDE purposes ranging from inspection modelling, through data collection, data display and post-processing. This experience has been applied in the development of our range of  NDE Software products (see our Products Pages), but our skilled software developers are also available to  produce high quality bespoke software in response to your requirements and with our practical NDE background we can add value by working with you from the very start of the process to help define and refine your requirements and build a functional specification that will allow us to meet your needs in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

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 Waterfall plot
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