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Many NDE codes and standards are complicated documents requiring considerable expertise and experience to interpret correctly. For infrequent users there may be a significant overhead in re-familiarization each time a code is used and in organizations where multiple personnel are responsible for code interpretation it can be difficult to achieve consistent results.

JUNO is a software tool developed by KANDE to help users obtain consistent interpretation of code and standard requirements.  JUNO works in a similar way to the interactive diagnostic tools used to 'troubleshoot' computer problems but in addition to simple Yes/No logical decision making JUNO can also collect information for use in conditional decision making. The JUNO user interface presents the user with a series of questions and depending upon the responses obtained works its way through a decision tree identifying the appropriate code or standard requirements at each stage of the process. The accumulated results are compiled into an on-screen report along with an 'audit trail' detailing the path taken through the decision tree. The user interface  can also present additional guidance, including images and drawings, at each step where user input is required and steps can be retraced to allow corrections to be made easily. On completion of a session the report and audit trails can be printed or saved for reference or archive purposes.

JUNO uses a simple interpreted programming language to represent the decision tree of the required code or standard (or any other decision based processes such as inspection procedures or QA procedures). Each application is coded in a text file that can be created and maintained using a wide range of text editors. KANDE offers an application drafting and maintenance service but users can create their own applications if they wish to.

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