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KANDE is pleased to offer the USBox data collection system which combines KANDE International's software with Lecoeur Electronique's hardware.

Originally developed to meet KANDE's own requirements for a low-cost but highly flexible UT system for in-house development work, USBox is an inexpensive ultrasonic digital instrument with many of the capabilities expected in top-end data collection systems.  USBox is ideally suited for training, technique development, general laboratory use or long-term monitoring applications.

USBox is used in conjunction with a suitable Windows PC and is housed in a small module which plugs into a USB port and draws its power from the host PC.  System software is loaded onto the PC which is used to control the data collection process and to review collected data, or, in the case of remote applications, to transmit it to wherever it is to be analysed.

The USBox has one transmit/receive and one receive channel.  The transmit pulse is adjustable up to 230V and the receiver has a 12bit, 80MHz digitiser with a range of filters.  In addition, two encoder inputs and three analogue gate outputs are available.

The recently introduced US-Key has a similar specification but without the additional I/O capability and is supplied in the form of a 'memory stick'.

Using KANDE USBox software the user can collect and display UT data in flaw detector (A-scan) and B-scan views, with the familiar flaw detector interface making it easy to set-up the basic data collection parameters.

KANDE USBox software

B-scans can be collected in time based (free running), position encoded or externally triggered modes and can even be used in a temperature controlled mode with the addition of a suitable thermocouple and controller.  For monitoring uses, the data collection interval can range from a fraction of a second to many days, in such uses the A-scan display can be 'Live', to show that everything is working as required or 'Quiet' to avoid interference with other measurement processes.  Correlation based processing can be applied during data collection, or on stored data, to help make small changes in signals easier to detect, either by activating alarms or by modifying the display by supressing records that have not changed significantly from the previous record.

A range of other data processing algorithms are also supplied, including optimised depth calibration, hyperbolic cursors, lateral wave straightening, constant feature removal, SAFT processing and adjustable 3D plotting.  These are primarily intended for post-processing applications but during long-term monitoring operation they can be applied on all or part of the data collected up to the point of application without disrupting on-going data collection.

The USBox data format is also compatible with KANDE InSight data display and analysis software which opens up the possibility of performing even more advanced signal processing.

KANDE USBox features include:

  • Pulse echo or TOFD data collection and display.
  • Adjustable DAC.
  • Adjustable signal averaging
  • Three adjustable gates and alarms.
  • Position monitoring as part of the data collection process (requires suitable encoder/scanner).
  • A wide range of probe firing intervals, making the system suitable for both conventional scanning and for long term monitoring operations.
  • Temperature controlled data collection (requires optional thermocouple and controller).
  • 'Quiet mode' operation.
  • Long timebase (up to approx 4.75m range in steel).
  • Hardware or software filters.
  • Frequency analysis mode.
  • B-scan compression and B-scan alarm on change/alarm on gate processing with event logging.
  • Multi-mode depth calibration tool.
  • Advanced signal processing tools.
  • Data format compatible with KANDE InSight software.
  • Auto-connect and auto-run options at system start.
  • Simultaneous operation of up to four USBoxes.

For TOFD familiarization and training a simple manual scanner and suitable UT probes can be supplied if required.

Lecoeur also offer a number of hardware options including:

  • US-Key version (without I/O features)
  • Multiple channel systems.
  • Hgh energy (400V) toneburst pulser.
  • High speed (160MHz) digitizer.
  • Ruggedised case

Further information please contact KANDE International

For more information on Lecoeur please visit their website